CDW Merchants Etsy


Photography, Styling, Project Management


Helping Vintage Find a New Home


When CDW Merchants acquired a warehouse full of vintage props and fixtures they needed the products photographed and categorized to resale. With professional photography and lighting equipment I stylized and photographed over 500 vintage items varying from small-scale to oversized. My goal was to reveal all the special details that make each object unique and create a harmonized composition that would in turn lead to the items being purchased. Keeping in mind that some of these objects carry historical value I had to sort out all the items by time period. Due to the large quantity of products great organization skills and knowledge in the program Lightroom was beneficial to the success of the project along with leading a team of skilled helpers.


The second part of the project was to create and manage an Etsy account for CDW Merchants, which involved uploading pictures and writing informative descriptions for each of the products. I was responsible for directly communicating with the buyers and when items were purchased I worked  closely with CDW Merchants’ operations department to have them shipped all over the world. Overall the project was successful and many great vintage items have new owners.


Company: CDW Merchants