CDW Merchants Showroom


Creative & Art Direction,  Interior Design, Staging


A Fresh Start


For over 10 years CDW Merchants has been designing and manufacturing in their Chicago headquarters custom props and display packages for American retailers. Not having an official showroom to welcome and present clients and vendors to CDW Merchants I was asked to create a new inspiring space. I introduced the idea of having one dual-purpose space where a showroom coexists with a meeting room allowing CDW Merchants’ staff to access it as well. The showroom is dedicated to the latest CDW Merchants’ projects, retail trends and the meeting area is focused in inciting productivity and collaboration. Factors such as limited budget, a small space and short timeline were to be considered in the success of the project. 


Proud to Show Off


The identity of the room was originally inspired from a distressed and vintage sample produced by CDW Merchants that same month. I developed a visual concept around a rustic and charming place where time has left historical marks on each object. I rolled out Navajo vintage rugs all across the 10’x 20’ area and central to the space was placed a custom handmade communal table. With regards to bringing intimacy and a personalized touch I created a centerpiece lighting fixture by reusing old Christmas lights on a giant metallic wreath. The light installation symbolizes the CDW Merchants logo and the intertwining light strands remind you of the collaboration happening in this space.

Last but not least succulents where arranged throughout the display offering a meditative visual experience and also conveying a positive brand image to the visitors. The new showroom and collaboration space was gladly received and appreciated from both clients and employees. The clients were energized and inspired by experiencing the showroom and felt confidant that CDW Merchants could bring their creative visions to life.


“Stephanie organized a plan for the CDWM showroom which included an amazing reuse of things in the warehouse all wrapped into a modern, new and exciting story.”  

Courtney Wright
President and Founder of CDW Merchants


Company: CDW Merchants