Clio Blue


Creative  & Art Direction , Visual Merchandising, Illustration


Mom's Special Day


Clio Blue is a well-known Parisian brand that designs Sterling silver jewelry for women and men who enjoy French elegance. Mother’s day was approaching and Clio Blue needed a window display in their Paris flagship store. When you think of Mother’s Day it brings back memories from the past either from that day or special moments you have had with your mother. The main goal behind the concept was to evoke those childhood memories through the use of soft colors to help reinforce the dream like state and elements such as the swings, wrapped presents and hand painted flowers.

The window installation was a success and the Visual Design Director decided to implement the concept to other point of sales in retailers across France.


Behind the Scenes


Working with jewelry requires a lot of attention for detail and craftsmanship. I wanted to reflect those same ideals in the execution of the window by fabricating custom handmade props and fixtures.

Due to the size of the product everything I created was in a smaller scale. Working in the headquarters allowed me access to materials from the design studio where all the jewelry was fabricated. I incorporated jewelry elements into the actual props. The rope on the swing were made out of silk cord and finished with Sterling silver pearls and the bows on the present were created out of fine ribbons. I even tailored the backdrop to the window with hand painted roses to express the delicacy of the product and the beauty of mothers.


Company: Clio Blue