Lindex Style Guides


Visual Merchandising, Styling, Photography


Spicing up the Holidays


Lindex is a Swedish and international fashion chain store that covers several fashion concepts within the areas of women’s, kids and lingerie. Along with every collection each store receives a guideline indicating which products are the focus for the week. The guideline is created several months in advance by the headquarter’s visual team and summarizes the collection. I was responsible for creating the visual guideline for the women’s and plus-size Holiday collection.

The objective was to offer multiple fresh looks that speak to the Lindex’s clientele and inspire them to purchase the whole outfit.  Inside the “Christmas Deco” and “Holly & Whyte” collection I handpicked the strongest items that captured the essence of the brand and the collection. I wanted to create simple and festive outfits easy to reproduce both by the in-store visual merchandiser and the customer. Several items were reused in different combinations to show the array of possibilities that one product can offer. The layout is clean and informative to quickly comprehend the concept and the products details. 


Company: Lindex