Vera Bradley


Illustration, Art Direction, Photography


Back to the Basics


American retailer, Vera Bradley,  was launching their Back to School/Fall 2015 campaign along with the new Katalina Collection in 115 stores and needed help with an illustrated backdrop for the store windows. While at CDW Merchants I was tasked with developing a range of bookshelf concepts that explored various hand-drawn techniques and styles ranging from tradition to modern while still complementing the pattern and look of the new collection. 

I developed various styles of bookshelves and books spines ranging from traditional to modern that complimented the pattern and style of the new collection. After collaborating with the Vera Bradley Visual Team, we landed on the chalkboard concept. The final selected concept brought in to the store the perfect blend of traditional back to school cues with contemporary pop of colors while still maintaining the Vera Bradley essence.

Customers were interested in the backdrop and many ended up purchasing them from the store after the campaign was over creating unexpected sales.


Company: CDW Merchants for Vera Bradley